It’s Not Simple Getting Green

22 juin 2023
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Dear Dr. Warren,

I am hoping you are able to assist me. I’ve never really had problems satisfying ladies and fun on dates, but after about monthly or two, I’ve found myself personally getting jealous of various other men, plus it merely gets worse from that point. To start with she will imagine it is style of pretty, nevertheless becomes a real problem. A lady i must say i enjoyed not too long ago left me on it, plus it threw me personally because I thought we had outstanding thing going. In your experience, is actually jealousy something which may go out in the long run using the correct person, or perhaps is it just my nature to be along these lines?
John in Tewksbury, MA


Dear John,

Thanks for the excellent question. To begin with, I want to commend you for identifying a behavior in your self you’ve seen is affecting the relationships adversely. 2nd, In addition should assure you that jealousy is an activity it is possible to work with in order that it does not have ahead between both you and some one you really have strong emotions for.

To put it simply, envy is actually a damaging feeling that will developed in a variety of types of scenarios. When it happens in intimate interactions and is also directed toward others who communicate with your spouse, it signals a fear about dropping your partner to a prospective opponent. That concern might be rooted in some form of insecurity you have about your self with regards to the item of your envy. Getting jealous of who your lover communicates with can also be a sign of insecurity.

John, step one to overcoming jealousy is to realize your personal reasons, and so I want you to take some for you personally to consider the way you view yourself—both good attributes and not-so-good attributes.

First consider carefully your most useful traits plus the places into your life that you will be the majority of happy with. On the finest time if you decide to explain the the majority of good characteristics, what can you say? Sometimes it is a good idea to also ask an in depth pals or members of the family how they look at you, as well, given that they is a good way to obtain a lot more unbiased details. When it assists, attempt creating a list.

Then, I want you to think about the insecurities that you have about your self plus life. It can be tough to view these precisely, but it’s vital that you recognize that envy starts first with an overly bad self-judgment. This negative judgment will then be compared to a perception of some other who you judge to be much better than you for some reason. These “better-than/less-than” comparisons cause the the majority of damage to you personally before beginning to damage the interactions with others.

Whenever jealous ideas become jealous behaviors relationships are harmed. It would likely start as a cold-shoulder or filthy looks, but shortly escalates and erupts in negative comments and accusations toward your lover by herself, the actual fact that she’s got done nothing wrong. By misjudging your spouse’s connection fidelity or ethics, you happen to be unintentionally disrespecting her. In healthy connections, both partners decide to get through its mate—it is actually a choice—and depend on is the connection that keeps them with each other and keeps destructive jealousy outside of the photo.

The next time you’re up against a situation wherein jealous emotions toward another man start to arise, i really want you to-do the immediate following:



Jealousy is something that you can get over to be able to start to take pleasure in more content and much more personal relationships with women. Keep in mind that while few would believe nothing is just like the convenience of knowing our very own spouse “belongs” to united states, the fact is that people “belong” to each other—by option. Jealous behavior can be a selection, but it’s certainly control. By taking strategies to get over envy inside interactions, you are going to surrender the necessity to manage your companion to satisfy your very own fear, and you’ll in addition free yourself from the all-consuming grasp of jealousy that controls you.

Inform us the way you perform.

Dr. Neil Clark Warren